Wands have been used through the ages in the ancient arts of healing to bring about balance and harmony to mind, body, soul and spirit by accumulating and directing healing energies to where they are needed. Combining the elements of trees, crystals and ancient symbols amplifies the intention and healing power of the Wands.

All the Crystals and wood that I use are carefully sourced and collected by myself. The Crystals I use have been collected over the years from sacred lands such as Glastonbury & Egypt which are naturally enhanced and amplified by the energies of these places as well as the Archangel Michael Ley-Lines that flows through them. The wood that is used comes from sacred woodlands and forests from all over Ireland.

The process of completing a Wand takes at least one cycle of the moon and can often take a little longer as it is created through meditation, channelling and intuition.

The wood, crystals and sacred symbols are uniquely chosen and attuned to the energies of the person, making each piece unique to the holder.


Each Wand is unique in that the wood, crystals and symbols are chosen specifically for its intended owner. The Wand creation process combines intuition and healing energy from the very moment the Wand comes to me in meditation.

Wands can be used for self-healing as well as healing others. They are also used as a Talking stick for workshops, mens/womens circles, spiritual gatherings and ceremonies. I have also been commissioned to make Wands as pieces or art for people’s homes. As a centrepiece in your home the Wand will ground the energies of the room strengthening the connection to Mother Earth and leaving a calming peaceful energy in the room.

 The Wands are used intuitively, as each is unique to their owner and often a Wand will guide you on how to use it. However, it is important to spend time familiarising yourself with the Wand and to harmonise yourself with its energies before using it.

Hi, I'm Peter,

A Creative Craftsman, Sound, Energy and Crystal healer based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland (Eire). My passion is working with Wood & nature to create bespoke spiritual crafts combining all my skills and using sustainable native Irish woods such as Yew, Oak, Ash, Chestnut, Beech, Apple, Pear, Holly and Hawthorn to name but a few.