The process of creating the Wands is guided by my intuition. The vision for the piece, including the types of wood to use, how to join it together, the crystals and symbols come to me while meditating in the forest connecting to the energies of the trees. This will usually happen before the person that the Wand is intended for has even gotten in touch with me.

I then spend time with the materials, meditating and infusing each piece with intention and healing, all the while channeling to connect the Wand to its intended holder.

The Symbols that I place on the Wand are done using pyrography. These ancient symbols empower the Wands connection to the trees, earth and universe.

Ancient Bog Oak rings are used to merge the wood in the 3-piece Wands. The Ancient Bog Oak ring, which is 5-7 thousand years old, marries the handle of the Wand to the stem uniting the woods and strengthening their connection.

The whole process takes at least one full cycle of the moon as the creation of the Wand starts and finishes on a full moon. Then the final piece is charged under the moon for a further 7 days and 7 nights.

Once the Wand has reached its owner, I recommend spending time attuning yourself to the Wand and its healing abilities. The more time you spend with the Wand the more the molecules of the wood will connect with the hand of the holder amplifying its healing power even further.