Hi, I'm Peter

A Creative Craftsman, Sound, Energy and Crystal healer based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland (√Čire). My passion is working with Wood & nature to create bespoke spiritual crafts combining all my skills and using sustainable native Irish woods such as Yew, Oak, Ash, Chestnut, Beech, Apple, Pear, Holly and Hawthorn to name but a few.

I source my wood from fallen trees or trees in danger of falling which could be hundreds of years old, as well as living trees when they are ready for pruning (fruit trees) or just naturally break away, all from sacred lands and forests from all over Ireland. I am honoured to have the ability to transform this wood into custom made pieces, so that the wood, its energy and healing powers can live on.

The Crystals I use are personally sourced from Glastonbury & Egypt which are enhanced by the sacred lands & Archangel Michael Ley-Lines that flows through these lands

It is my passion to work creatively and my love of nature and the animal kingdom, especially trees and woodlands, that has led me into making handcrafted pieces. I am mostly self-taught and have been fortunate enough to meet skilled craftworkers throughout my life who have been very generous in sharing their wisdom, knowledge and understanding of wood with me.

My Spiritual journey started over 30 years ago when I was first drawn to work with crystals. Since then, I have met many amazing and incredible spiritual teachers who have shared their knowledge and wisdom with me. Over the years I have also trained in many healing modalities which I use in my Holistic Healing practice. It is through these teachings, healing modalities and my own life experiences that I have reconnected with my innate ability to create healing Wands.

Each Wand is uniquely crafted using my spiritual gifts and woodcraft skills to reflect the natural beauty, harmony and healing properties of the native trees and crystals. It is my honour to create these pieces and to share them with the world.